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We started Naivo Jewelry with a single mission: to create the ultimate source for fashion jewelry by offering an unparalleled selection and shoppable style guidance, all at a guilt-free price point.


It seemed simple enough… as shoppers, we couldn’t help but feel as though retailers treated jewelry as an after-thought, a fact that was apparent by the shopping experience. So we set out to fix it.
How do we do it? We strip out the overhead and source our product directly, to avoid any middleman mark-up. (Did you know most retailers mark jewelry up as high as 20x above cost?) But our access allows us more flexibility than just price. We work closely with our design team to introduce new products on a consistent basis and to tailor our selection based on real-time feedback we get from shoppers.


Our Categories Include: 

Sterling Silver, Stainless Steel, Fashion/Costume Jewelry, and Watches for both women and men. We've established a sterling reputation for ourselves with our clients for fine quality goods, prompt delivery, and up-to-date jewelry trends. Our jewelry designers are constantly working on new designs to keep up with ever-changing market demands. 


When you talk, we listen. Browse new arrivals weekly, based on what you want to see.
We hope you love shopping at Naivo as much as we enjoy building it. We can't wait to make your style sparkle!

visit us today at www.naivojewelry.com/